What To Expect From Mobile App Development Trends 2020

From booking your flight tickets to selecting best travel destinations, booking movie tickets to scheduling your exercise sessions, latest technology based mobile applications are transforming our lifestyle at every single step.

As the global Android/iOS application market is skyrocketing and tailoring the user experience at every hour, undoubtedly they have become dominating leaders of the market. Furthermore, in recent times, a large segment of businesses are investing in mobile applications to lure more customers through a mobile device and improve their business growth. 

If you are still believing in this myth that mobile applications are only meant for the big sharks of the market then you are mistaken at this point. From startups to SMEs, everyone is leveraging this strategy to stand apart in the industry. However, all you need is a unique and best app ideas for startups in 2020 to put your brand first in the market race. 

So let’s get started with the brilliant Mobile app development ideas in 2020:

1. Mobile Attendance Management App

Mobile Attendance Management App

Develop a time and attendance app for the employers working with part-time, full time, and remote employees with the in-built feature of GPS to track the real-time location of the employees. Provide the provision to retrieve the employee data with the secure connectivity with desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. 

Whether they punch in or out through biometrics attendance system or punch cards, let the employers check employee’s check-in and Check-out time on mobile through Attendance management application. As mobile attendance management application is real-time store data on clouds, employers can get highly accurate attendance data anywhere and anytime, and able to take necessary actions to maintain the discipline. 

2. Dating App For Senior Citizens

Dating App For Senior Citizens

Dating is fun but why adults have all the fun? Let senior citizens also find their partners to spend some quality time.

Design and develop an app that allows senior citizens to find the partner as per their interest. By applying a simple filter, search the partner for various options including- dancing partner, a travel companion, partner for casual/serious/lasting/ mature relationship, and so on.

The dating app should allow them to find their choice of a partner according to location. Make sure the application has an in-depth feature that enables you to add age, location, gender, choices to shortlist the best dating option for ageing people.  

3. Diabetes Tracking App

Diabetes Tracking App

Forget to visit a doctor or fail to submit your weekly diabetic reports to your doctor? Don’t worry! Allow diabetic patients to keep track of their diabetes by merely manually entering their sugar level in an app and add the feature to share the report with the doctor without any fault. Further, doctors can suggest you what insulin level you should intake for immediate care. 

Secondly, by leveraging the latest technology and with the help of Offshore Software Development Company in India, you can create a dynamic application that automatically suggests you what level of insulin you should consider after analyzing your diabetic reports. 

4. An App Find Certified Babysitters in Your Area

App Find Certified Babysitters in Your Area

Having the babysitting app for your domestic care agency will boost the client’s trust and enables them to find the babysitters who are thoroughly background checked and certified. You can provide the facility to book a nanny according to their needs, including part-time, full-time, hourly basis or monthly. Also, allow parents to find a babysitter in their preferred location by merely applying specific filters. 

Add the convenience for the parents to find the nanny according to ratings, reviews or prices. Whether you are a working parent or looking for a helping hand to take care of your baby, download this app to find the best reliable childcare for your baby. 

5. On-Demand Medicine App

On-Demand Medicine App


Now get your necessary medicines at your doorsteps at any time, anywhere with the on-demand medicine application. Isn’t it a great relief for you? 

Mobile App Development Companies develop the application that allows you to order the medicine by simply uploading an image of your prescription, book the delivery date and get the medication at your doorsteps. 

Make sure your app has the features for subscribing repeat orders, monthly orders, weekly orders to enhance customer convenience. 

6. Organ Donor App

Organ Donor App

BERLIN, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 19: A shopper ltries out the new Apple iPhone 6 at the Apple Store on the first day of sales of the new phone in Germany on September 19, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Hundreds of people had waited in a line that went around the block through the night in order to be among the first people to buy the new smartphone, which comes in two versions: the Apple iPhone 6 and the somewhat larger Apple iPhone 6 Plus. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Developing an organ donor is one of the most trending app ideas for startups in 2020!

Gift a life to someone and increase the quality of life by simply creating a common platform where survivors can seamlessly get connected with the people who have already gone through this process. An organ donor app will help you gather some valuable information including how much it will cost you, where you can get register to contact organ donor, what precautions you need to follow and how long this process will take…

Hire Mobile App Developer that help you create an app that able to connect people based on common interests, including their story, common problems, experience, and so on. 

7. Car/Bike Roadside Breakdown Service App

Car/Bike Roadside Breakdown Service App

There comes a time in life when you have to go through with this most annoying situation. However, car/bike roadside breakdown service app will save you from all the hassle. 

Develop an app that helps vehicle owners to find the nearest garage or mechanics in a real-time and able to get cash-less roadside breakdown services. List all the mechanics who are available to cater 24*7 onsite car or bike repair services and allow users to avail services in their prefered location. 

Also, allow users to avail this application with the annual subscription services and let them book the car/book cleaning and washing services, oil change, repair, denting & painting at specific intervals. Add the provision to keep the digital track of their services with this application. 

8. Residential Apartment Management App

Now you don’t need to set reminders for the bill date, society maintenance dues, security dues and more. The simple installation of residential apartment management app will handle everything for you. Whether you need a plumber, electrician, car driver or a maid, your apartment management app will find you the certified, verified professionals for you. 

Using the features of this app, you can keep the digital track of monthly home rental payments, maintenance charges. Even with the help of this application, you can fulfil your daily grocery needs as well as in-house supermarkets also collaborate with these platforms. 

9. Recipe Organizing Application

Are you still trying to cook your favourite dish by accessing a cookbook equipped with various sticky notes and lose slips? Isn’t it frustrating for you? If yes, then tap on the recipe organizing app where thousands of users are sharing their recipes for various occasions and purposes. 

Avail software development services from a reputed company and develop an app that allows passionate users to share their recipes for different categories including, main meals, snacks, baby foods, etc. Also, add options to leave a review and rating a recipe. 

10. Online Jewellery Shopping App 

Try and buy your favourite jewellery piece by virtually trying it instantly! Sounds impressive, right.

You must be wondering about how it will be possible. But let me remind you, you are in 2020, where advance technology will rule the market!

Develop an app that helps you capture your image and allow you to overlap it with 3D pictures available of particular jewellery pieces. This way, you can better determine which jewellery piece will suit you best and make an instant purchase decision.  

11. Interior Design Application

 Create a room design of your choice with the help of Room Design App. The applications developed mindfully with innovative technologies, can help you get the most appealing and attractive design for your home.

The application will allow users to capture the real-world image of your room and overlap it with 3D models of various items, including furniture, wallpaper, lights, floorings, and so on. This type of app will allow homeowners to see the final look of their room virtually.

12. Diet Planner Application With Health Checkups

Track your health condition and customize your diet plan with an app. By using the right application development framework and programing language, you can develop an application that tracks your fitness level and customize the diet plan accordingly. 

Also, allow users to access this app to get diet plans for different health concerns including, diet for weight gain, weight loss, nutrient and protein-rich food, healthy eating, soups and salads, healthy snacks and so on. 

13. Resell Toy App 

If you have basket-full of toys around you and you are planning to throw it away, don’t do that! 

A resell toy app will allow parents to resell the toys that they don’t need anymore. Allow them to upload the picture and add a description of the toy and list it in the right categories. 

Create a platform where buyers and sellers can get connected and able to meet their needs. Allow parents to buy good looking toys for the kids by simply tapping on the age, gender or price to find the best options for the kids.

When every year you the best gadget options with new technologies, why to gift old annoying toys to the next generation? So manage old toys with the resell toy app and free up your space. 

14. Budget-Friendly Gift Suggestion App

Finding the unique gift idea for every occasion is a tough job. But an application can resolve this issue and help users to find best gift suggestions according to different events, purposes and budget. Also, make sure you have retailers of those products on the same platforms to allow buyers to purchase the item immediately.

An application should have such filters to refine searches according to the occasion, age, gender, budget, and so on.

15. Subscription-Based Food Delivery App

Are you fed up from putting repeated lunch orders? Take the stress out and let a subscription-based food delivery app order a lunch for you.

Eliminate starving of your customers and allow them to get the delivery of their food at the same time without making repeat orders. You can add the feature to select the meals of the whole week and select the prefered time along with feedback option. This app will be a great idea for food joints and startup restaurants. 

16. Best Travel Suggestion App

Best Travel Suggestion App

Tailor the travel experience of the travellers by merely providing an app that suggests the best location for travelling according to the season, age, interest, budget and travel groups. 

Travel destination can leave a significant impact on your travel experience, so allow travellers to roll best travel memories by merely accessing this application and choose the destination that best suits their travel interests. 

Add the option to choose a destination by merely filtering it with bespoke destinations, offbeat destinations, adventure destination, kids-friendly tours, group tours, family vacations, old age couple friendly destinations, beach vacations, shopping destinations, and so on. 

17. On-demand Caregiver App for Ageing Parents

Find the most reliable, certified caregivers for parents with the help of an application in your preferred location and at your choice of time.

On-demand caregiver app should be developed with easy user interface and simple navigation. Make sure it has features and filters to find caregivers can deal with such signalling activities, including toileting, bathing, medication, eating habits, physical activities, and so on.

Provide the option to find caregivers for full-time, part-time or hourly-basis in your choice of location. 

18. Carpooling App

With the help of Offshore Software Development Company, develop a carpooling app that enables you to fill the empty seats of your car and add a great relief on your pocket. Add the feature to track people interested in commuting in the same direction that you are going to. 

The moment car owner finds the rider, share the contact details and real-time location of the driver for seamless communication. Allow drivers to get connected with a large number of people and meet new people every day with the help of carpooling app. 

19. Liquor Delivery App

Liquor cravings can happen anytime and anywhere. So stop compromising with the alcohol cravings and order your favourite liquor right away with the tap on the application.  

Create an app that will list all the bars and wine retailers on this platform and allow you to get the delivery of your choice of liquor at your doorsteps. Make sure you list those retailers and shops on this app that can offer 24*7 delivery of the alcohol at your specific location. 

20. Faulty Road Navigation Apps 

Improve the travel experience of the riders by merely providing an application that can detect the damaged roads, under construction locations, bumpy roads to ensure a smooth driving experience to the riders. 

Make this app easy to navigate, simple to access and clear to understand to ensure users can relish the features of this app to the fullest. Also, you can enhance the accessibility of this app by only guiding the shortest and clear routed to commute. 

Ending Note

While every other business is turning out with the business application, so how would you stand apart in the market with the application? Simple, by adopting unique and useful new app ideas 2020 and fuel your business growth.

No matter which app idea you like to proceed with, once you have shortlisted the idea, the very next thing you need is to hire Mobile App Developers that enables you to develop an application integrated with latest technology trends. 

“Let us know which app idea you like the most for your startup in 2020!”

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