Summer K-Pop Idol Fashoin Trends For All

Summer is ending and for some of us, fall is in the air. Sweaters and scarves are slowly making their comebacks. If you’re like me, you’re not quite ready for summer vibes to end. Our favorite K-pop idols have served major looks this summer as they gracefully navigated between various concepts and trends. Their style is coveted by many fans across the world.

From passionate to playful, there’s a statement accessory for everyone. Idols are at the forefront of fashion and inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves no matter the season. These summer trends perfectly transition into fall and are a hint for what’s to come.

Bright Colors

Neon was an essential color in comebacks for this summer. Vibrant and funky, the hue showcased dominance in music videos and added a touch flair to airport fashion. For fall, neon gloves and

BTS K-pop Sneakers are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Oversized Sleeved Shirts

From airport fashion to variety shows, shirts with oversized sleeves are a staple piece for our favorite idols. Their size makes them cozy without being too stuffy making for fall’s warm days and crisp evenings. If you would like to feature a twist to an oversized button-down with oversized sleeves, try tucking in half the shirt for work-ready chicness while remaining casual. This trend’s duality in masculinity and femininity makes it a fall essential.

Bold Thigh Highs

Thigh-highs are the last thing anyone would want to wear in the sweltering, blazing heat. Red Velvet’s Seulgi and BlackPink’s Rose wore bold thigh-highs as the focus of their outfits. Rose’s floral booties and Seulgi’s bold blue made us green with envy as we watched them strut in confidence to beat of their songs.


Sequins have been a popular choice for idols this summer. BlackPink taught us unconventional ways sequins add an edge to any outfit. Often perceived as feminine, sequins are the underdog in fashion. From shorts and rompers to crops and boots, idols show sequins can take the typical girls night out outfit to new heights.

Statement Jewelry

From Mamamoo’sMoonbyul’s squared royal blue earrings to G(I-DLE)’s Soojin’s oversized pearl necklace, statement pieces were all the rage this summer. They added a bit of quirkiness to the sweetest outfits. However, pairing different earrings alongside your fall look will turn heads. Mismatched earrings provide a subtle fierceness. DIA’s Somogyi captivated fans with her odd pairing of earrings.

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