Importance of Excel skills in Data analytics

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Excel is the one spreadsheet program that has enabled us to understand data

since its introduction in 1985. It is still the ‘go to’ program for millions

all over the world and it is still the best product of the tech giant

Microsoft.  However, one might wonder

whether MS Excel can be utilized for performing data analytics or whether it is

still relevant in the age of Big data!

Here are four good reasons you should

definitely consider acquiring Excel skills for data analytics:

  • Taking your

    first step in the world of analytics? Excel is your best friend!

Experts recommend that

anyone entering the world of analytics must begin with MS Excel as most of us

are familiar with the program. All most all of us have used Excel in our school

and have a basic knowledge of it which is a great comfort when performing

analytics operations on Excel before moving on to some advanced cutting-edge


Moreover, Excel is still

used by even data professionals for at least take a look into the data if not

anything else. Thus, acquiring Excel skills should be your first priority if

you are new to the world of analytics.

  • Collaborating

    is easy with Excel!

A data science or

analytics professional has to frequently collaborate with people from various

sections, often from the non-technical background. Thus, preparing reports in

Excel and sharing them can be a great help in collaboration as even a person

without any technical expertise can easily understand data on Excel

spreadsheets. Moreover, Excel offers easy data visualization options which can

be an added bonus when presenting reports.

  • Simple yet


MS Excel may not be a name

people see as sophisticated technology but it does carry some powerful features

like sorting, filtering conditional formatting and What-if analysis for

performing analytics tasks like data manipulation and analysis!

The Excel Analysis ToolPak

has also become very popular for complex statistical and engineering analyses.

Hence it would be wrong to underestimate Excel!

  • Excel skills

    are in demand in the world of analytics!

Interestingly Excel is

among the top tech skills which are in demand for data analytics jobs around

the world. When job listings from Monster, Indeed and SimplyHired are analysed

it has been found that Excel comes second just behind SQL in the list of top

tech skills for data analytics jobs! Hence, acquiring advanced Excel skills can

be a real CV booster for anyone wishing to launch his or her career in the

field of analytics.


where should you acquire Excel skills?
An advanced excel course

in Delhi can be a great option for anyone looking to getting proficient in

using Excel for data analytics. Delhi, the capital city of India is at the

centre of focus for the government’s initiative for digital transformation of

the country and thus it is great location wise. Moreover, an advanced

excel course in Delhi
will also help you to

learn from the industry experts!

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