High Impact Display With Flexible LED Screen in Exhibitions

While participating at an exhibition it is very important that you create a viewing experience that leaves a strong impression on visitors. Such an experience must also be measurable and profitable and ensure good return on investment (ROI) for both event management companies and their clients. For exhibitor companies, the use of flexible LED screen in trade fairs and exhibitions is gaining in importance across India and it has led to an increase in the level of visitor engagement. That is due to the fact that LED displays are much more effective in attracting the attention of viewers than still images.

Excellent returns from LED display solutions

In event-based promotions, flexible LED display has now become the standard format of display as the events industry is moving towards a more technologically enabled environment. Till about 10-15 years ago when LED displays had not arrived in the Indian market as they have today, the outdoor display advertising standards were not so evolved. Out of home (OOH) companies that can manage the higher capital investment required for deploying LED displays, are now able to earn much higher revenues than they would with static displays.

Users can leverage advanced technology

Compared to what a static flex display screen can achieve in terms of display potential, the impact of flexible LED screen on viewers is much more. Dynamic digital displays are way more sophisticated than static flex screens and enable multiple displays on a single screen with the scope of scaling up to multiple screens across multiple locations. Such LED displays function with highly advanced tools and technology like advanced telemetry that allow users to manage the content being displayed on the screen, remotely.

High performance and long life span

A flexible LED display solution is a capital-intensive equipment without the regular hassle of longer installation cycles that usually apply in capital equipment. Advanced technology ensures that installations are completed in quick turnaround times (TAT) of a few hours to a few days at the most, depending on the type and size of the installation. High quality LED displays usually have a life span of around one lakh hours which converts to well over a decade. The economics of the large format display market will enable breakeven in a year’s time at the most, leaving the LED display screen owning business over nine years to make a huge fortune.

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