A Guide On The Full Stack vs Mean Stack For Your Business

In this tech-savvy world, the demand for online purchasing and services is at its peak. This hike raises the demand for web development and professionals who can make it possible. Undoubtedly, software development is one of the most prominent innovations in this modern era. And, this has changed a lot in recent times with the involvement of MEAN Stack Developers. The reason being, the stack is used to develop the front end and the back end of any software. The stack is merely a merge of various technologies and frameworks, put together for the development of the software. There are mainly two types of stacks- MEAN stack and Full-stack.

Now, the question is, which one is better for a business for the utmost success. Let’s figure out which stack is better with the information in this blog.

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About Full Stack Development

Undeniably, there is a huge demand for the full stack developers because of the Angular.js involvement. It is hard to develop a full-fledged product with the help of single technologies. Full-stack is great to develop a website as well as the mobile application properly from beginning to end. Various high profile businesses, like Netflix, Airbnb, and Medium make use of Full-stack JavaScript.

This concept is nothing but full-stack development which comprises three layers, namely- presentation layer, business logic layer, and data access layer. Front end HTML, Javascript, Jquery, all are vital to use in the front end developing, whereas for the Backend- there is a need for the Ruby on Rails, PHP, Angular 2, etc. And, while talking about the database, one should be efficient in MySQL, MongoDB, and CouchDB.

Pros of Full-Stack Development

  • Full-stack offers the facilitation of the front end and back end framework switching according to the project needs. With this technology, there is not much time lapse caused and not any significant issue gets raised during the development.

  • There is no requirement of many resources as all parts in the JavaScript are well-composed. In this framework, the developer can work with a single or more team, but with a reduced cost and effort for coming up with the desired results.

  • This wholesome technology offers high speed and reliable performance for web development or mobile application. Node.js makes use of the IO model for non-hindrance and lighter back-end development in comparison to other platforms.

  • Undoubtedly, JavaScript is a widely used language and that gives employment to various full-stack developers. This is the reason why seeking a full stack professional is quite easy and assists the business to reduce resources.

  • It is quite easy to become the owner of the design on the full-stack development and also, it is convenient to implement on the website.

  • Full-stack reduces the hassles of upgrading as it is easy to update and can be equipped with the modern tool effectively.

All in all, this technology is a great option for medium to small-sized businesses and it is easy to break the complex website demands into small segments.

Mean Stack Development

This is a term comprised of the set of JavaScript-based technologies- MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.JS. This is an ideal option to make complex developments for websites and applications. MEAN Stack developer can simplify the development process as well as can give a boost to it. The best part about this type of stack is the customization it adds to its development process. Even, its name suggests the mean that is the specific development that focuses on the specific demands of the client websites. This can be great for the basic to the complex website (basically, it can do user-specific development). Also, it is evident by the researches that most of the significant responsive pages are backed by MEAN Stack development. It helps the user with a reduced administrative time due to the presence of advanced tools and technologies. This is in the domain for more than a decade and is growing at a fast-pace due to the benefits it has.

Pros of Mean Stack development

  • With the help of JavaScript, it is easy to develop the whole web cycle. From the client to the server-side, everything is taken care of by this technology. Also, with a single language coding, the switching of back-end and front-end becomes easy.

  • Model View Controller is supported in the MEAN Stack development for smooth processing.

  • Easy and convenient cloud integration is supported by the developers of MEAN Stack development technology. One of the elements of MEAN- MongoDB can facilitate easy alterations in the pre-added data or information.

  • This comes with the pre-installed extensive testing tools to facilitate the developer as well as the client with the best end product.

  • The developers proficient in this technology can take care of the whole development and the company would not require different resources for the same. Thus, it contributes to reducing the significant expenses of the client.

Thus, MEAN Stack development is an ideal option for any organization.

This is quite different from full-stack development due to various reasons. Here are two stated below-

Which one is better- Full Stack v/s Mean Stack

Full Stack DevelopmentMean Stack Development
This term directly relates to the developers or development and is no acronym of web presence. This is a technology used in the development of mobile applications and also, an acronym for web presentation.
Full-stack developers are easy to hire and there are a lot of options awaiting the ones with expertise. This is gaining a lot of popularity and companies which seek tailored development services hire MEAN stack developers.

Steps To Choose The Right Type Of Stack And Its Developer

  • First of all, you ought to be sure of the demands and requirements of your own project. Once you are sure about project requirements, deciding between MEAN and the full stack would be easy.

  • Try to make use of agile beforehand or at least introduce the usage of agility in the research process of the stacks.

  • The third step would be to look for your targeted audience and see what their preferences are. According to the choice of audience, checking out the features of both the stack developments will let you depict the best one.

  • If you choose to get catered by a reliable full-stack developer like 3 million people, make sure to check their portfolio. After all, you cannot hand over your development in amateur hands and wish to get the best results. And, the same goes for the case when you select a MEAN stack developer.

  • Make sure to check for the flexibility, reliability, and scalability of the company or individual you hire for your development.

  • At last, never skimp on the affordability and quality at the same time. Make sure to get the best stack development with genuine costing.

Make The Right Selection For Stack Technology

In this fast-paced duration, people don’t want to waste their time and money. So, they seek professionals who can do multitasking, so as is in the case of web development. Being in this domain, hearing 3-tier architecture is quite common, but being completely aware of it is exceptional. So, make sure you carefully check out the features of all the technologies before initiating your work on them in order to attain the best possible outcomes.

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