9 Reasons Why Kerala Ayurveda is Famous Worldwide

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Kerala Ayurveda is highly popular for its rejuvenating therapies, massages, herbal treatments, etc. not just in India but all over the globe. Today, Ayurveda is practiced worldwide, and people from all countries are learning and using this ancient natural medicine healing system. And Kerala remains the go-to destination to learn the ancient art from its roots.

Here we

discuss nine reasons why Kerala Ayurveda is famous worldwide.

Natural healing system


is a natural healing system that uses only natural ingredients to heal the

human body. All medicines that are made from natural material such as herbs,

soils, roots, and others are the best healing tools for the human body.

The reason why Kerala Ayurveda is famous worldwide is because of its natural healing benefits. These natural medicines and the natural healing system are used in hundreds of Ayurveda retreats Kerala. Kerala has many Ayurveda retreats spread throughout its landscape, where people from all around the world come seeking healing and detoxification the natural way.

Promotes self-love

Another reason why Kerala Ayurveda is famous worldwide is that it promotes self-love within the human being practicing it. We all need practices and healing tools in our lives that help us love ourselves on deeper levels, and Ayurveda does precisely that.


about Ayurveda promotes self-love. The diet, which includes eating a sattvic

diet rather than a rajasic or tamasic diet, invokes self-love within an

individual subtly and gently. Not to forget the cleansing and detoxification

techniques and practices that help us feel closer to ourselves, our bodies and promote





might ask what the purpose of energy clearing is? We accumulate a lot of

external energy when we interact with the external world. We also accumulate

energy through junk food and an unclean and unhealthy diet.


helps clear this dense energy from our bodies with the help of purification and

detoxification techniques. Clearing the dense and impure energies from our

physical and spiritual bodies gives a beautiful clarity of mind and being.


is another essential reason why Ayurveda is

famous worldwide. This ancient healing system helps clear dense energy from the

body, leaving the individual feeling clear, energetic, and refreshed.



with energy clearing, this natural and ancient healing system helps purify not

only our physical bodies but also our emotional, mental, physical, and

spiritual bodies. Ayurveda is a magical healing system in the sense that

purifies the energy channels in the body leading to a healthier state of mind

and being.

Imagine living a life where your body is full of toxins. Doesn’t sound fun, right? Ayurveda helps release these harmful toxins from our body, which leads to a profound purification and cleansing. This purification and cleansing are vital to leading a healthy and creative life.


around the world are waking up to the importance of leading a creative and pure

life turning towards Ayurveda for help.

Spiritual growth


growth is a deep need for every human being. We are born on this planet, so we

can grow spiritually and explore the infinite magical beauty of our own spirit.

There are so many tools present here on planet earth to help us grow

spiritually, and Ayurveda is one of them.


the teachings and practices of Ayurveda, spiritual growth is inevitable. As

people all around the world wake up to their deep need for spiritual growth,

they move towards Ayurveda for healing, guidance, and assistance.


done correctly, the deep purification of our physical, emotional, mental, and

spiritual bodies leads to immense spiritual growth.

Reduces stress and anxiety


leading cause of all the problems on this planet is fear. Fear is the driving

force for all the financial, political, environmental problems all around the

globe. The other names for fear are stress and anxiety.


wise person once said that “if you want to solve the problems of the world,

begin with yourself.” We need to focus on reducing our own stress and anxiety

to lead a peaceful and creative life. With Ayurveda’s purification and

detoxification techniques, there is no room for fear and stress in one’s life



is also another essential reason why Ayurveda is loved worldwide. Due to its

stress and anxiety-reducing abilities, Ayurveda has spread like wildfire around

the globe.



slows down our productivity more than an unhealthy body and mind. When our

body, mind, and soul is healthy and working coherently together in a perfect

symbiotic union, that is when our productivity is at its highest.


with its wonderful healing practices and natural medicines, helps detoxify and

heal the human body, thus improving productivity drastically to new and

brilliant levels. As human beings all around the world feel the need to be more

productive and creative, they move towards the mystical healing science of


Increased energy levels


good energy levels, there is nothing that cannot be done. When our energy

levels are functioning on optimum levels, and we have enough energy to do

everything that we desire to do and complete, life is then worth living.


helps with increasing our energy levels. People all around the world who are

moving towards Ayurveda now realize that the process of healing and

purification of the human body naturally leads to us feeling lighter in bodies

and thus increased energy levels.



primary reason why people all around the world are turning towards Kerala

 is because of the ancient wisdom it carries within itself and

imparts to all those who come to seek guidance from this ancient science.


like all true wisdom, the wisdom of Ayurveda is simple and yet life-giving,

nurturing, and healing. People all over the world are hungry for this wisdom,

and so they turn towards Ayurveda to find peace, healing, and liberation. The ancient science of

Ayurveda originated approximately 5000 years ago and, since then, has caused a

revolution in the domain of natural healing and health. Helping thousands of

people all over the world, this ancient magical healing science of Ayurveda is

a gift for humanity from the divine spirit of life itself.

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