8 Ways to style up your Cotton Kurtis

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Kurtis are a main attraction especially in India where the climate is blistering hot and you will need all the help you can get to feel cool and refreshed and need a great outfit to keep from feeling fatigued and stressed out. These tunics exhibit a breezy look to the wearer and can be sported at any time and in any season.  So to avoid this from happening you need to opt for a fabric that can provide air circulation to your body and still look stylish enough to keep you looking groovy enough to rock any event at any time. 

Cotton fabric is one such material that has minute pores between the weave of the fibers so air can freely pass through the material, another great advantage is that the material dries fast after it has been wet. From the numerouswholesale kurti catalogs, many suitable designs can be found. There is no need to do extensive searching for these ethnic tunics, just find the one that tickles your fancy and pair it to your heart’s content.

1. Cotton kurti and palazzo pants:

The perfect pairing for a cotton kurti is a cotton palazzo pants that will give your entire look a modern finish that is stylish enough to out with, not to mention that it is a great last-minute outfit for those emergency events that give no prior warning. Casual meetings with friends is also not a worry as the palazzo and kurti deliver to the needs of such occasions. This multi-purpose garment can also be worn inside the house when you are free of chores and just chilling. Apart from this, it is great for going to the supermarket and getting all of your grocery requirements.

2. Short kurti with jeans:

The kurti comes in two variants, a long one and a shorter one that ends at the waist. The short kurti is commonly used by the younger generation and this is why it is most commonly paired up with denim jeans which actually increases the overall visual appearance of the tunic. To blend the pair better, the tunic can be printed, plain, or even feature shirt like features, either way, they have a cooling effect that can be most effective when the kurti is in neutral and earthy colors such as whites and off-whites.

3. Plain kurtis with lehenga/skirt.

Printed ethnic skirts are a great pairing for most kurtis regardless of what decoration the kurti bears. This is the most effortless style for an easy-going day that does not require so much style but rather more comfort is needed. If the kurti is decorated the skirt can be plain if the skirt is decorated the kurti can be plain. They act as supporting garments where one can compliment the other. A great full outfit is the classic teaming of a full white kurti and a red printed skirt.

4. Cotton kurti with churidar:

Many women prefer to keep to traditions and wear ethnic clothes. This is okay and does not mean that you cannot wear the stylish kurtis, and instead, you can wear a cater made outfit that fulfills all your needs. The churidar is an age-old traditional garment that can easily be incorporated into your final look. The churidar is a type of pants that can be worn with the kurti and it is usually characterized by the gathering folds that settle at the ankle. 

5. Leggings and kurti pairing:

When it comes to comfort and activewear for taking your morning walks to keep fit there is only one clothing that can provide the best option. Leggings are usually made from fabrics such as lycra or cotton lycra that gives the maximum ability to move. These fabrics naturally have many stretch capabilities that are good for every occasion that needs some form of movement. Even if you like to indulge in some occasional badminton with your friends or family or even more a day trip to a picnic area.

6. Kurti and dhoti pants:

Need an eye-catching outfit that will be sure to get you all the attraction in the room? We have just the suggestion for you, ‘dhoti’ pants are trendy wear and a funky idea for all those fashionistas and they can be used to make a fashion statement on any occasion. The dhoti pants have a baggy appearance and actually originate in the state of Punjab, an area rich in heritage. Pick them up in a dark color such as black, maroon, and navy blue for best dressing options

7. Kurti and shorts:

This one is for all those brave women and girls who are more drawn to western clothing. Short kurtis are a great pairing for shorts, denim shorts or even cotton shorts make a fantastic partner for cotton kurtis in a white or cream color. To make the best of the situation, you can stick to a single color scheme such as blues, or beige and off-whites. Also, remember to keep your accessories on call just to elevate your final look. Shoes, jewellery and a bit of makeup can do wonders when they are assembled the right way. 

8. Cotton kurti with narrow pants:

The last choice is a narrow pants that is tailored to cater to your body measurements. The tunic can also be made fitting to give the appearance that you want. Both the top and the bottoms can be made to be in the same color to give a unified stance.

When it comes to the cotton kurti, there is no shortage of ways to style up the look to gain maximum attractiveness. You can choose from a wide range and get a specific look that fits your body and your personal style sense. With so many outfits planned out, you will have an outfit for every day of the week. Also, you will be looking good and will be prepared for every occasion of the year.

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